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The existing college curriculum produces candidates with good technical knowledge and skills, but do the candidates know exactly what the industry etiquette is? Do they qualify to be a good team player or an effective leader? Do they know the nuances of presentable client presentations or are they even aware of customer delight? the answer is 'NOT SURE' which is a matter of high risk of losing out on the clients due to various factors.

You wouldn't like to lose a project just because your highly skilled worker had a cold conversation with your client counterpart, or didn't complete the work before the given dead line or even worse, didn't understand the requirement
due to poor communication skills. Hence, It is highly essential that every new recruit knows in detail about your company's culture and etiquette. It is important that they equip themselves in their written and verbal communication as required in a corporate environment which could be very different from their academic world or their previous work experience, it is crucial that they imbibe good interpersonal skills, be able to make effective decisions, solve problems with ease and most importantly have emotional intelligence.

And we at Wizdo Training & Consulting know exactly what it takes to groom your fresh recruits to keep up the image of your company's brand and exceed your expectations with their performance as an effective employee of your company.

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