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Empathy for Happiness

In most cases, our joys are related to our relationship with people around us. However successful you are, if you do not have good relationship with your colleagues, friends and family, there is no way you are going to be happy. Happiness comes with spending time with your folks, sharing the joy of small and big achievements of each other, being together as true friends and close family in good and bad times. All this is feasible only with the presence of that little E word - Empathy.Empathy takes two steps - Step one needs your mental participation - putting yourself into the other person's shoes and looking at a situation from their perspective, and Step two needs emotional participation - understanding and caring about what the other person is actually feeling and is going through. This applies not only when the person is in grief but also when the person is in joy!

Think about a situation where a husband is back home from work and rushes towards his wife to share his happiness about his promotion, and his wife is busy talking over the phone to her friend without acknowledging the happiness shared by her husband! Do you think the relationship is getting stronger or weaker? Don't you think the wife actually missed a moment of great joy and happiness that she could've shared with her husband if she had given the call a short break to empathize with her husband's happiness?

When we start to acknowledge and feel these little moments of joy of people around us at home or work, that is when we start becoming a happier person. You become in general a much happier and positive person as you start feeling the joy of others which in turn starts to bring more joy into your life. It is only when you start to empathize with people, that you actually start building great relationships. Without empathy no one would like to share their experiences and feelings with you or not even like to be around you and finally you are the one on the missing end! With empathy, your happiness alone will not be the source of your life's joy, but also other's happiness will start becoming the source of your jubilation..And you are all the more Happy.

So start Empathizing to be a Happier Soul!

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