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motivation, inspiration

How to keep yourself motivated during adverse times

Break it down, go easy: No one can climb a mountain with one step. In the same way, it is not realistic to expect yourself to finish a big task which requires a lot of effort , in one shot. Take baby steps towards completion of the task and you can achieve success. Important point […]

online learning for children, online education for kids

How to make sure that your child learn better in a virtual education system

The whole world is suffering from Pandemic as a precautionary measure, Governments across the world have shut down schools and encouraged online classes. There were initial hiccups but this became the new normal with due course of time. Schools and colleges are only just buckling down to the task of creating online syllabus, assignments and […]

Webinar Tips for Attendees

Webinar Tips for Attendees

A  webinar’s success depends on the attendees, the way they behave, and attend the webinar. Test your Webinar link in advance. Most webinars send an email with the URL to join, two or three days before the event. It is always advisable to test this webinar link before the web meeting starts. You won’t be able […]

event marketing, learn events

Do webinar to organize successful Events

A webinar is an effective and convenient way to pass on your message across to a large group of people. Webinar enables you to reach a large audience by cutting down on administrative and travel time that is required to manage in-person meetings. However, you can leave an effective impression of your business in the […]

Why should you do the RJ course?, Top reasons to do RJ course, Best reasons to do RJ course

Why should you do the RJ course?

This is not just a course, but it can transform your life. If you are bored with your normal daily life and want to create magic through your voice on Radio. This course is just for you. Now let’s know about the trainer- RJ Mauryaa Raghvendra. He doesn’t require any introduction. He is a very […]

training programs for kids, kids training program, fun training program for kids

Kamponline program for kids

Kamponline program for kids What is Kamponline? Kamponline is not another ‘Keep your child engaged’ program. It helps your child transform into a confident leader through self-leadership lessons and activities Why kamponline? Kamponline is not just another Summer camp program but it focuses on the overall metamorphosis of kids from an ordinary child to a […]

Top 10 Awesome companies for free education

Top 10 Awesome companies for free education

1.Khan Academy: It’s a very popular name among netizens. It offers courses with impressive details on different subjects. It is among very well-known educational websites. 2. Academic earth: It brings the best and focuses on offering a wide variety of courses on different subjects. It lists courses by subject and school, so it is very […]

training in india, important training, Wizdo training, paid training

How training can change your life

Career is very important in today’s era and one should invest time, money and energy to enhance his or her skill-sets to move to the next level. Let’s analyse why is it important to train oneself. 1. It’s best to invest in yourself You often think of saving money for the retirement years, but are […]

Online learning, learn online, online learn in english

Learning during Lockdown

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, most nations have enforced a lockdown to control the spread of this deadly virus. The online learning programs are thriving, while training institutions and colleges remain closed. Teachers and colleges are currently using technology to deliver lectures to the students while they stay safe at their homes.   Byju’s BYJU’S is […]

Empathy for Happiness

Empathy for Happiness

In most cases, our joys are related to our relationship with people around us. However successful you are, if you do not have good relationship with your colleagues, friends and family, there is no way you are going to be happy. Happiness comes with spending time with your folks, sharing the joy of small and […]

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