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How to keep yourself motivated during adverse times

Break it down, go easy: No one can climb a mountain with one step. In the same way, it is not realistic to expect yourself to finish a big task which requires a lot of effort , in one shot. Take baby steps towards completion of the task and you can achieve success. Important point is that we should take constant & incremental steps toward progress,


Reward yourself for task completion: Remember we all were rewarded for good behaviour or for following our parents words as kids? Like after studying for one hour, we were allowed to watch our favourite cartoon shows or play outside. Human psychology works the same on adults as well. If you love food, you can treat yourself with your favourite food after finishing the important work. You can choose whatever suits you the most i.e. – Playing on PlayStation, taking a nap etc.


Practice affirmations: Give yourself positive inputs every day. It is said that you become what you think. So, feed your mind with positive thoughts. You can choose the message and repeat it to yourself aloud or inside your mind. Ex: I am healthy and positive, I am at my best today !


Write a Journal: It might sound a bit traditional to write a journal but trust me, writing a journal everyday about your life, mistakes, achievements will help you in venting out your emotions and improve the quality of your life.


Say no to procrastination: It works as a sweet poison. It can give joy for a few moments but after that, guilt of avoiding work follows. Thus, bid goodbye to it as soon as possible.


Read motivational stories: Read about people who have achieved their goal despite adversities. This will give a boost to your morale and motivate you to move ahead.

I hope you will find these tips helpful. Little things make a difference. So, start taking baby steps and never feel unmotivated in life.


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