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Mind Your BODY Language

When you walk into a room filled with strangers, we immediately tend to make a judgement about who are the approachable folks and who are not, who are safe and who might not actually be, who seem interesting to talk to and who seem absolutely boring, so on and so forth. We, the super evolved set of human beings are born with that knack of making a mental image about a person before even they speak a single word.

Lets take the following scenarios, Your team mate walks towards you with a big smile after an appraisal meeting. Your colleague sighs when you borrow a pen from her. The person sitting opposite to you at the office canteen has widened his eyes looking at the amount of food in your plate. I'm pretty sure you got what each of them had already communicated with or without their knowledge even without opening their mouth.

Now this proves the much known researched fact that Body language is said to contribute more than fifty percentage of one's communication. Facial Expressions, Hand Gestures, Posture and other Body Movements influence the complete outlook and shows the emotional state of a person. So it is very important that you put forth a positive image about yourself at anytime in any place that you are in, as without your knowledge you keep communicating just with your very presence; and people are perceiving you the way they see you communicate through words and your voice and most importantly your Body Language

Below are few body language that can make or break your image

Pleasing Body Language:

  • An upright posture - Showing right amount of confidence
  • Warm and welcoming smile - Whenever appropriate and shouldn't be faked
  • Chin up and straight - You might look arrogant if your chin is a little too upward
  • Relaxed Facial expression - Mainly relaxed forehead
  • Professional Hand Shake - One or two pumps, firm and short (and ofcourse with a dry palm)
  • Right Eye contact - Please note that eye contact does not mean - stare!
  • Open Hand Gestures - Gestures vary based on the context and number of people you're talking to

Body Language to Avoid:

  • Having hands crossed - Rigid, uninterested and not open to talk
  • Having a Frown or Wrinkled Forehead - Arrogant look and unapproachable
  • Poor Eye Contact - Too shy & timid or too aggressive if you keep looking away or stare respectively
  • Raised or Lowered Eyebrows - Dominant and arrogant attitude
  • Too weak/too tight Handshakes - Timid and uninterested / Over powering and displeasing!
  • Touching your face while talking - In doubt or lying
  • Hands on the hips - Shows big headedness
  • Slouched shoulders - Indicates low self confidence and self esteem
With the appropriate body language for the appropriate situation, it is easier to make clear and meaningful conversations, avoid misunderstanding and becomes a tool to maintain great rapport with coworkers. So ensure you mind your 'body' language!

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